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Press Release

pureSignal expands its product family with a wireless speed sensor. In combination with pureMEMS, it creates a perfect solution for the analysis of machines with variable speeds.

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New product launched for wireless speed measurement!

Based on the many years of experience on which pureSignal has been founded, speed measurement has always been an integral part of the offering. That's why it's great to be able to offer a high-quality wireless speed sensor with the same unique benefits as the pureMEMS wireless vibration sensor.


Finally, it is possible to do long-range monitoring, completely wirelessly on machines with variable speed and record operating time with great accuracy. 


- With purePULSE, it is easy to supplement speed measurement to your plant without having to choose between range and quality. In addition, measurements can be triggered at RPM and thus avoid unnecessary time signal measurements, says Christoffer Eriksson, CEO of pureSignal.

How does it work? 

All pureSignal products come with accurate, long-range measurement in harsh environments and secure data handling. And an open API for integration into your CMMS system or other visualization or trending software you may already be using. purePULSE triggers the measurement of speed and thus measures during a time interval determined by the customer. All data is collected in pureSignal's cloud service and provides a complete overview of speed and vibration measurement. 


"We feel that we are bringing something new and unique to the market, with smart factory monitoring that provides benefits such as increased uptime, high-quality data, easy integration and smooth maintenance planning. In the end, your company saves both time and money," concludes Christoffer Eriksson.


purePULSE - the second pureSignal product

The long-range purePULSE wireless speed sensor is the second sensor in the pureSignal family. It is designed to save time and money through high uptime in the factory.


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