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Discover our range of great products for your factory, with next generation wireless radio technology.

3D rendered products in display box
3D rendered pureMEMS

Discover pureMEMS

Safeguard your machines in a revolutionary beneficial way with the new vibration sensor that combines next generation wireless radio technology  with high quality vibration data and surface machine temperature. Together with smart AI analysis, leading to great uptime and saved resources.

Discover pureCLOUD

Measurement data from all your pureSignal sensors are seamlessly interacting and sent to the pureCLOUD data storage. All data is easily viewed by your team via the phone, tablet or PC apps. Check your complete plant machine health status directly in your mobile device, anytime and wherever you are.

purePulse_5-Current View_edited.png

Discover purePULSE

Combine your vibration data with true speed measurement of the assets. The purePULSE sensor synchronizes with the vibration data to get a reading of the actual speed that corresponds to each vibration time signal and trend value. With purePULSE sensors added to your pureSignal system it will also be suitable for monitoring variable speed machines.

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