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purePULSE | Wireless true RPM-sensor

purePULSE is an easy to install long range wireless speed sensor made for contactless precise measurement of revolutions per minute. The speed sensors detect the motion of ferromagnetic structures, such as gearwheels or shafts, and in combination with pureMEMS it becomes the perfect tool for analysing applications with variable speed.

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Speed is the trigger

purePULSE triggers the measurement of speed and thus measures during a time interval determined by the customer. All data is collected in pureSignal's cloud service and provides a complete overview of speed and vibration measurement.

It is possible to do long-range true RPM monitoring, completely wirelessly on machines with variable speed and record operating time with great accuracy.

The easy and flexible installation makes it possible to monitor complex applications in harsh environments. By combining purePULSE with pureMEMS you get the most vital parameters (RPM, temperature and vibration) for your machines – all in pureCLOUD.


Key benefits

  • Wireless monitoring of true RPM

  • Integrated with vibration monitoring for precise analyze

  • Up to 2 km distance

  • Count machine operating time data  

  • Save time & money

  • REED-switch suited for harsh industrial environments

Tech Spec

  • Sensor: REED (Magnetic) Two-part magnetically operated proximity sensor

  • Measurement interval: 30 to 15 000 RPM 

  • RPM detection: measure on first rotation

  • Operational time: % or minutes/hour (99% accuracy)

  • Environmental: IP69K
    Temperature range -40 degC to +85 degC

  • Battery lifetime: 3 years, replaceable batteries 

  • Synchronous: Data sampling for all sensors on one machine simultainusly 


Easy Installation

  • Mount magnet using tie-strap on motor axis

  • Mount REED-sensor 5 to 12 mm from magnet mounted on axis using standard attachments

    Smart AI analysis

  • Place the wireless RPM-transmitter where suitable with the built-in magnet or a M6 bolt.

Get started

Start your journey with pureSignal or send us your questions, by filling in the form. We will answer you via email as soon as possible.


Download purePULSE product sheet:

Download pureFAMILY installation guide: 

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