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pureCLOUD software products

Measurement data from all your pureSignal sensors are seamlessly interacting and sent to the pureCLOUD. All data is easily viewed by your team via the phone, tablet or PC apps. Check your complete plant machine health status directly in your mobile device, anytime and wherever you are.

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Alarms and trends
In the pureCLOUD app your factory, the departments and the machines are displayed in a graphical top-down structure. This makes the overview of objects needing attention very effective. Easily drill down to the defective one and see a developed report of trends and values that are causing the warnings or alarm.

Settings and system management
The pureCLOUD app also serves as the central for your pureSignal system. Add sensors, administrate users, trigger intervals and more. Here you got all that you need in one place and in a straightforward and user-friendly user interface.

Security and storage in one
You own and control your machine measurement data – pureCLOUD stores it for you in a secure way and provides numerous ways for you to display and analyze all historical data. If you for any reason and at any given time like to have it back, we hand it over immediately.

Integration to dashboards or other software
pureCLOUD comes with a possibility of full integration, via rest-API. If you also wish to read the data from other analytics software or displaying data on a general dashboard or trend software, you are free to do so with pureCLOUD. Our support team will assist to make the connection easy for you.


Unlimited availability for you and your colleagues to monitor the status of all your machines. Get notifications and recommended actions, all in one app that is with you wherever you are. The free app is included and can be used by an unlimited number of users in your company. It provides a top-down hierarchy visualization that makes it powerful for everyone in the organization – from top maintenance and production management to the maintenance and service engineers.


Download here and connect to your pureSignal system. 


Choose the best product for you.





Trends, acc & vel spectras with f.markers

Mobile APP for IOS/Android/MS Store

Factory overview and dashboard

Unlimited number of users

Measurement settings and triggering

Data storage

Alarms and warnings via push and email

Historical trends and statistics view

Included updates of new features 

Rest API for integrations

AI first response in mobile APP

Analysis tool for expert fault diagnosis

pureCLOUD third party softwares
VikingAnalytics MultiViz - AI Machine learning screening and validation tool
MyAsensiot - AI Algorithm screening and validation tool

pureCLOUD Ai

By upgrading to pureCLOUD Ai your sensors get an AI machine diagnostic expert engine that gives direct feedback if something is wrong. For pumps, fans and electrical motors you get the health status with an accuracy of up to 98%. With pureCLOUD Ai you and your team no longer need to worry about sudden surprises. Offering you great peace of mind.


pureCLOUD expert

By upgrading to a pureCLOUD expert version, the all-time waveform and trend data are sent in a parallel stream to the web-based analytics software. With the pureCLOUD expert view you can let your vibration experts analyze your machine data in an easy to learn and smart web interface that displays trends of data. View time signals, FFT Spectra’s in acceleration, velocity or displacement. Make waterfall and envelope spectra’s, put out frequency markers and a lot more with pureCLOUD expert.

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