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pureMEMS | Vibration sensor

Safeguard your machines in a revolutionary beneficial way with the new vibration sensor that combines next generation wireless radio technology with high quality vibration data and surface machine temperature. Together with smart AI analysis, leading to great uptime and saved resources.

3D rendered pureMEMS
Picture of pureMEMES installed on a machine

Get from reactive to proactive

With the new vibration sensor pureMEMS you can safeguard your machines in a revolutionary beneficial way. Through next generation long range radio technology, you are now able to, completely wireless, monitor machine vibrations nonstop in your smartphone. The sensors deliver high quality data with up to 2 km distance and with coverage in difficult industrial environments with steel and concrete. pureMEMS can be easily integrated to your current systems with restAPI and also offers great AI intelligence, with smart interpretation of what is wrong with the machines, what caused the vibrations and what to do about it. Experience a pioneering sensor that transforms your maintenance from reactive to proactive in no time – with full control, great uptime and saved resources.

Key benefits

  • Revolutionary wireless monitoring

  • Up to 2 km distance

  • Smart AI analysis

  • Great factory uptime

  • Save time & money

Tech Spec

  • 3-Axial vibration and machine surface temperature

  • 26.5 kHz sampling rate, linear to 5 kHz

  • 5s RAW timesignals recordings

  • Synchronous readings on the same asset

  • 3 years battery lifetime replaceable by user

  • LoRa X2 Radio transmission

Get started

Start your journey with pureSignal or send us your questions, by filling in the form. We will answer you via email as soon as possible.


Download pureMEMS product sheet:

Download pureFAMILY installation guide: 

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