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Press Release

New Swedish product label pureSignal uses next generation long range wireless radio
technology for effective monitoring of factory assets and processes. In short, pureSignal
offer nonstop machine reliability in one app.

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The industry had a problem, and based on many years of experience pureSignal was founded to solve it. Finally, it is possible to do long range factory monitoring, completely wireless without losing measurement quality. Receiving pure “actionable” data is one of the very foundations for the existence of pureSignal. Only with high quality data it is possible to
detect early-stage failure types.

– With pureSignal, your factory doesn’t need to choose between range and quality. As an
add-on, you can choose inbuilt AI intelligence that interprets what is wrong with your
machines, finds the origin of the problem and guides you how to solve it, says Christoffer
Eriksson, CEO at pureSignal.

How does it work?

pureSignal has uniquely combined the extensive experience from more than 20 years of measuring and analyzing health on industrial machine assets with their next generation wireless long-range radio technology. This means full control of your assets in one app. All pureSignal products come with accurate long-range coverage in difficult environments and secure data handling. And an open API to integrate into your CMMS or other visualization or trend software that you may already use.

– We feel that we are adding something new and unique to the market, with smart factory monitoring that comes with benefits such as increased uptime, high quality data, easy integration as well as smooth maintenance planning. Ultimately saving your business both time and money, Christoffer Eriksson concludes.

pureMEMS – the first pureSignal product

The wireless long range vibration sensor pureMEMS is the first sensor in the family of
pureSignal. It’s developed to save time and money through great factory uptime. A long line
of other smart wireless sensors for asset monitoring is also on the way, where purePULSE
will be launched in September 2023.

Interested in more info or an exclusive interview?

Christoffer Eriksson, CEO at pureSignal
+46 31-7427503 or +46 (0)709 10 85 05

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