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Press Release

PureSignal of Sweden AB, a leader in advanced communication technologies, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Relcon Reliability Consulting AB, an innovative provider of maintenance strategy solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the integration of sophisticated reliability solutions with cutting-edge wireless technologies.


PureSignal of Sweden AB and Relcon Reliability Consulting AB Announce Strategic Partnership

Scalable Predictive Maintenance as a serviceSince 2017, Viking Analytics has been at the forefront of revolutionizing industries such as maintenance companies, OEMs, and system integrators. Their commitment to excellence in the realm of predictive maintenance and data analysis is evident in their specialized tool MultiViz, which empowers organizations to monitor and understand their machines with unmatched precision. 

This cutting-edge AI-driven solution not only identifies machines in need of care but also provides insightful explanations for maintenance recommendations. 

Experts can offer valuable feedback to the tool, allowing it to learn and adapt over time. MultiViz and its collaborative approach ensures less false alarms and that companies focus on the right machine that needs attention in time! 

Uniting Expertise for Groundbreaking Solutions

This partnership brings together Relcon’s specialized skills in risk-based maintenance planning with Pure Signal’s groundbreaking wireless sensor technologies. The joint venture is set to develop revolutionary solutions aimed at enhancing reliability and efficiency across various sectors, including power plants, food and beverage, and manufacturing industries.

A Shared Vision for Excellence

Both PureSignal and Relcon are dedicated to excellence and share a vision of a future where technology seamlessly assists maintenance departments in achieving optimal maintenance timing and precision. “This partnership with Relcon is a major step towards realizing our dream of a more connected and reliable world,” stated Christoffer Eriksson, CEO of PureSignal. “Together, we are committed to continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our field.”

About Relcon Reliability Consulting AB

Relcon has developed a cutting-edge online software, RBUS, which facilitates Risk-Based Maintenance planning. This software enables companies to create standardized and structured maintenance plans for each asset, based on a comprehensive risk classification. These maintenance plans are easily accessible and modifiable, seamlessly integrating with the customer's chosen CMMS system for execution. RBUS also plays a crucial role in root cause analysis and improvement processes, providing reminders and managing task completion. Beyond software development, Relcon offers expertise in implementing the RBUS methodology, guiding clients towards significantly improved plant reliability and profitability.

Contact Information

For more details, please reach out to:

Christoffer Eriksson

Phone: +46709108505


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