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Press Release

We are thrilled to announce our new collaboration and a business agreement signed 2023-11-07. Puresignal has developed a brand-new vibration sensor that was released to the market in Q2 2023.

The wireless sensor platform from Puresignal will be integrated and the customers can now add the option of the AI supported vibration analytic tool Multiviz from Viking Analytics. Enabling to be offered a scalable predictive maintenance solution for industries. This solution will be offered mainly through the distributor network of pureSignal, like the maintenance company MLT Maskin & Laserteknik AB 

Stefan Lagerkvist, COO of Viking Analytics: “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide cutting-edge AI-supported analysis for industrial customers. With companies like MLT’s extensive experience in condition monitoring and pureSignal’s innovative wireless vibration sensor, combined with Viking Analytics software, we are poised to revolutionize how industries approach predictive maintenance.”

This agreement value is estimated to more than 1 MSEK for both Viking Analytics and pureSignal.

Christian Sahlin, Head of Sales at pureSignal, says that building partnership with Viking Analytics is key to make the most of the pure high quality data that our sensors provide. 


PureSignal, a technology driven OEM, was founded 2023 and is fully owned by the family company Erinova Group, a company that has been active in the industry for more than 35 years. With that heritage, Machine Health Monitoring is part of the pureSignal DNA and its extensive experience in measuring factory assets is condensed into the long-range wireless sensor product platform. 

Without hesitation, uncompressed, pure data is significant for pureSignal. 

Viking Analytics

Scalable Predictive Maintenance as a serviceSince 2017, Viking Analytics has been at the forefront of revolutionizing industries such as maintenance companies, OEMs, and system integrators. Their commitment to excellence in the realm of predictive maintenance and data analysis is evident in their specialized tool MultiViz, which empowers organizations to monitor and understand their machines with unmatched precision. 

This cutting-edge AI-driven solution not only identifies machines in need of care but also provides insightful explanations for maintenance recommendations. 

Experts can offer valuable feedback to the tool, allowing it to learn and adapt over time. MultiViz and its collaborative approach ensures less false alarms and that companies focus on the right machine that needs attention in time! 

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